I would add that recognizing the difference between contacts (of any size) and enlargements, as you have, is a great asset to the process of making a fine art print. This is the reason one needs to make proof prints – enlargements of sufficient size to grasp the fine art potential of any print. I have boxes and boxes of 8x10 proofs from 35mm to 8x10, which except for a happy few, will never go any further as print enlargements. I feel so strongly about the false potential of contacts, save for contact printing itself, that I no longer contact LF sheet film as part of my process, preferring to go straight to the small enlargement 8x10 proofing stage. Simply, as many contact printers will certainly attest, a contact print is not, for better or worse, an enlargement (and vice versa!).

Perceptually related, I cannot say how many times I have clicked on an intriguing thumbnail only to be disappointed by the banal digital enlargement thus presented. (This is not digi criticism, I'm only drawing a parallel.)