As for the PhotFlo I have used it in distilled water for forty years with 35, 120 and 4x5 with no problems. I suspect you are using too much and not using a fresh mix each session. Just a few drops in 20 oz of distilled water is all you need for your 35 and 120. The streaks appear to be in the same position on the frames you show and you claim them to be on TX and HP4 so I wonder about them being from your fingers since it would be unlikely that you would place them in the same position and with the same pressure on different occasions.

My suggestion would be to check your camera equipment to be sure it is clean and has no "burs". Also how do you load it on to the reels? You could make a test roll and cut the film (no reels) so you can tray develop and fix, then just rinse thoroughly with water. Don't squeegee. If no "burs" and no streaks then you have narrowed the problem to technique either loading on to the reels or squeegee. Too much PhotoFlo probably wouldn't cause the type of streaks you are showing.