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Don't know if you've seen this site or not. A kind soul gave me an Ikoflex just the other week, and I'm starting to understand the camera.
Thanks, Thomas. I have been there but, unfortunately, this exact model is not included among the manuals available. I believe this is the II/III aka 852/16 ...

I spent some time today, playing with it, running through its knobs and levers, etcetera ... and while everything moves smoothly and is cosmetically gorgeous, the shutter doesn't respond when I try to tension it (lever below the taking lens) ... also the viewfinder is pretty dim. I'm assuming it needs a new mirror.

I got this at a low-enough price, knowing there was a good chance it would need some work. The seller got it from a gentleman who served in the war and brought this back from Germany, then kept it in his home and never used it for the next 65 years, stored in its case in the dry, West Texas climate in a temperature-controlled home.

I'm surprised at how smooth and fluid the focus knob is, actually, all things considered. But not a lot of throw on the focus. Goes out 10 meters then infinity.

The build quality is quite good, just like everyone says. I really like how compact it is.

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