You should decide what focal length lenses you will use. I started using a Busch Pressman D 4x5; a press camera similar to the Crown but with rotating back. I could just barely use a 90mm on it, but 90mm wasn't wide enough for me. Switched off to a Tachihara. Extremely light weight, 3.5 lbs. I think. Ended up actually using a 65mm on a flat board; had to move the rear standard forward to use it. Not much room for movements though; the bellows were almost totally compressed but then the little 65mm f8 Acugon didn't have much room for movements anyway. Did end up with a recessed board to give me a little more movement. On the long end, I had a 240mm tele lens; plenty of bellows for it.

The problem with the Tachihara I found was it had a little play even locked down tight. Still, it worked fine.

Finally decided I had too many formats so sold the 4x5 and the 2 1/4 square and went with a 6x7 RZ. Damn thing weighs 3x what the Tachihara did.