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I hadn't gotten around to seeing if such boards existed, but this would definitely be a good thing.

Thanks for all the ideas! I'm also trying to keep the cost low. The Wistas I've seen are way out my likely range. No clue about the Tachiharas.

Does anyone know if there's anything about either the Chamonix or Shen Hao that I'd be giving up if I got the other?
It really depends on which Shen Hao that you are considering. I have the HZA 4x5IIA and think it is a great camera. The PTB is almost a clone of the Chamonix while the HZA is more like the Tachihari. The basic difference is I have rear shift and limited bellows extension. It says 360mm but think I would need a tophat to use my 300mm. For 8x10, I have the FCL which functions the same as the Chamonix and since getting it, I have been thinking of trading for a PTB or Chamonix in 4x5.

Hope this helps,