Hello Kurt,

Some time ago, I made a drawing which extrapolates the data in a nomograph I found in a Kodak Technical Handbook.

Using the traditioal rule of thumb which suggest that a "normal" lens focal length is about the same as the diagonal of the film, a "normal" lens for 11x14 would be about 450mm.

By the Kodak data, 450mm would be considered a "short normal" (120mm on a 4x5).
I use a 450 on my 8x20 Canham as a "short normal" lens. (8x20 diagonal is the same as 11x14)

By Kodak, 600mm is closer to a tru "normal" for 11x14 and 8x20. (165mm on a 4x5)
I use a 600mm on my 8x20 as a "normal normal" lens.

By Kodak data, "moderate telephoto" would be in the 760 to 850mm range. (200~210mm on a 4x5)
I use a 760mm Rodenstock Apo-Ronar as my "moderate telephoto" lens on my 8x20.

My .pdf graphic may be a bit hard to read, I made the lines and text too small, but here it is four your edification...

Oh, and if you're asking if I have a lens for sale, that 760 Apo-Ronar is available here: