I am offering an almost new ball-head from small German maker FLM, this is one of their early models so the type-designation does not correspond with the current range, the today's equivalent would be the http://www.flm-gmbh.de/de/produkte/stativkoepfe/professionelle-stativkoepfe/cb-38ftr/.

This is a professional head with separate controls for friction, panning and TILTing. It comes with a large quick-release board with 3/8in screw. Works nicely, I bought it on a whim to use it under an 8x10 but while it would hold it without problems (according to specs it would hold up tp 20kg) it was a bit unfomfortable to reach fot the controls under the bed of the camera so I went to the manfrotto three-way head mainly because of the large and long handles.

Anyway, this one is up for grabs for 100 + shipping, OBO.