I went to the Royal Museum in Toronto to see his exhibition. It was a mixmatch including previous work too, especially from 'Africa'. I was stunned by some of the photographs, where all the qualities of his technique were present, especially the grain; but in others the gray was as if they were made of dolphin skin, really fake. After asking around and reading about the process from the brochure provided at the museum, I noticed that he was using a hybrid process. I had arrived to the museum with the hope of returning home with a copy of his book, but that didn't happen. Also because the book's format does not let you enjoy the photographs as one picture takes both left and right pages. For this and for the photographs themselves I didn't get the book, i went home and purchased a copy of 'Africa' through amazon, as it was cheaper than at the museum's store. This might constitute a pre- and post- on his career.