Just checking in for my first time after returning home for a few days of rest. What an incredible time I had this year!!!! Such a wide an varied crew of folks, it was overwhelming. So fantastic to see that photographic exploration is alive, heathy and practiced by so many fine people. We're not only helping to keep it alive, it is thriving.

The presenters this year were spectacular, I thought... and what is more, they were practically all women. Not that I don't love hanging with you guys, but it is great to have more women each year. Big thank you to S.Gayle Stevens, Jeanne Wells, Vicki Reed and Judy Sherrod for their sharing as well as Andrew Moxom for showing off his latest creation, the trailer darkbox. Like everything Andy builds, it is top shelf. And to the one and only Clay Harmon, a huge thanks for being the first instructor of a workshop at the new facility. I believe it was the first of many stellar shops and he has set the bar high.

And to everyone who came, shared their prints, stories, support and well wishes for the future of the workshop facility... I can't thank you enough for warming the new place up. A lot of you came a long way to be together and that speaks a lot about this community we have. I loved seeing that crowd sitting on the porch and using it for what it was meant and I look forward to a lot more of the same.

On to 2014!!!!

(Thanks to ken Johnson for the photo!)