Ok....here's the deal. These are heavy...so I'd like someone to pick them up...or if we can figure out a way to meet and drop off that works too. That being said....I'm willing to make them cheap to make sure they get a good home!

If I'm off on the prices...just tell me. Thanks!

1. Rexo ( Burke & James) Model 66 double sided printer dryer. Canvas coverings look good and I just plugged it in and it heats up fine with adjustable heat settings. It measures about 18x24 on each chromed side and has a swiveling cast iron base. $25

2. Arkay RC2100 print dryer. Motorized print dryer still in production. Nice overall shape, hasn't been used much with soft rollers. Just turned it on and it heats up quickly and functions as it should. Comes with original instructions. If you're not familiar with them, here's a link to it below. $120