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i had a roll that was bulk loaded and sat for a few weeks before being used. the first 4 shots on the roll had a very strong yellow cast just like all the complaints that were logged against the film. the first 10 had severe coloring issues along the sprocket holes that produced sever color issues. the rest of the pictures were fine. my guess is that either the film being sold by others is old or had a very small amount of light exposure. this has me worried and as such i will not be buying any more. and with the film i have left i will only be rolling it when i need to use it. my guess with the the yellowing is it has something to do with the film base.
Is part of the problem one of light-piping in the base? I'm reminded of some of my Dad's double-8 cine films, where, if loaded in the camera in too bright light, there would be yellow/orange fogging flickering along the sprocket-hole sides of the film at the beginning and end when projected.