I had an HZX for at least 8 years. The only reason I got rid of it was that I was using my 5x7 Canham a lot more and was doing lots of alt process contact printing. I loved that camera, though. They're extremely rugged, have oodles of movements, accessories for them are cheap, and they have good support (I lost a part, well out of warranty, and got a free replacement from I think Badger Graphic in the mail a couple days later). The Chamonix are a bit lighter, they do their focusing and movements (especially for the rear standard) a bit differently (they're a knock-off of the Phillips design). You can coax 14" (360mm) of bellows extension out of the Shen Hao, but you have to do it with a combination of front standard movements that's hard to explain in writing, but easy to demonstrate. I solved that problem by getting a Fuji 300mm f8 Tele, which has an infinity focus bellows draw of something close to 210mm, so you could actually focus it fairly close. With a 210mm, you can easily focus close enough for a tight head-shot, and get about 1:1.5 macro reproduction without using funny movements on the camera.