In a bit of a gear juggling mode I'll be selling my Ricoh GRD IV and the newly released Ricoh GR APS-C. Both are in "as-new" condition, compete with boxes and all included accessories. GRD IV has something like 300 actuations, the GR APS-C has around 500. Both are superb performers, the IV slightly more compact with the GR having improved low light IQ due to the larger sensor.

The GR is very scarce right now and you will be saving a little money to boot! It's an awesome little machine.

Prices include Paypal and Shipping Charges to ConUS.

GRD IV: $350 Shipped and Paypal'd

GR: $775 Shipped and Paypal'd

Images of both cameras will be put up when I get back from work later today. They're mint, no surprises.