I got the Mamiya 6 (over the 7) because I prefer the square format, and the smaller package. I did not even consider the Makina.

Like you reliability was a concern. It is alot of money to spend on an oldish camera with electronics. While Mamiya is no longer servicing or making parts for the 6 - I always figured I would have considerably better luck finding either for the Mamiya over the Makina.

If you do not care about format, or folded size....get the Mamiya 7 - it is newer so better likely hood of being serviceable for longer.

That being said, the Mamiya 6 is about the perfect camera for me. It has one "but" for me, and the only compromise. That is the close focus ability. I like you, take alot of photos of my family, so this is a problem. I happen to have the close focus adapter which is admittedly pretty ridiculous looking, but it does work, and I do not find that it is any harder to focus with it attached. I also, do not find that it reduces the optical quality of the lens that much. It is a PITA to carry around, and worry about though.

So its one drawback, is only about a 1/4 drawback.

Other than that I do not have any compromise.

It is easy to carry, travel with, fast to use, the lenses are phenomenal. The meter works great. What else can I say.