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How much total bellows do you want?

I will be connecting 2 Linhof Kardan Color rails to give me 1500 mm.
Hi Randy,

Sorry for the delay..... too much to do and not enough time....

anyway, I'm looking at having 6 ft (1800mm) of total bellows. Once I set up, I'll have 8 ft of rail sitting on two Majestic tripods and monopods at the each end. The Majestics have geared heads and rise but I can also lower or raise the small table where I put the object to be photographed. Its all macro, leaves, dead flowers..... giving new life to dead things. And with the Cambo legend rail setup, I can set up my 4x5 Master on it and have fun with all the movements I can get on it... Right now, in 8x10, I mount the two Cambo 8x10 tapered bellows front to front and the back and front standards are 8x10.

I 'll start with the 4ft section and take it from there; I'll have a better idea if my ideas are practical. we'll see.