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When I was making presentations for Kodak on the coming digital technologies in the late 1980s, on of my slides was a cover of the trade paper VARIETY that said "Film is Dead". If you read the article, you found they were talking about the use of film in TV news gathering. and in fact, with the introduction of portable video camcorders, film WAS dead in that application. (It was in Variety in 1956. See: http://www.incite-online.net/hancox.html )

It's probably safe to say that for consumer photography, film is pretty much dead. It doesn't mean that film is dead for all users (like those here on APUG), but the use of film HAS drastically declined overall. Don't be surprised if a lot of people feel that fim is dead; after all, it is dead for them, in their image capturing.
You have a voice of reason and reality, it was the mid 80's when the first of my friends (a committed amateur) went 100% digital, he spent a small fortune on the first consumer megapixel camera ironically a Polaroid, ironically i was going the other way committing bto Large Format for my personal work but I'd been shootin LF since the 70's commercially.

I think a point that's always missed is that we now have many choices for image capture, film - B&W or Colour, negative/positive, Polaroid - Imposible Project or Fuji, and Digital. They are all just tools, but as a competeant photographer you need to make your own choices of what you use.