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I doubt explaining the mechanism of why something produces brown is giving away any secrets. I suspect it's all due to small silver particles too.

right--I think it's teeny developed grains too--or physically deposited teeny silver particles...

so it should be easily removed with a post ferricyanide bleaching step....as I suspected.

I just want to know if the bleaching worked--the original poster seems to want to keep quiet on this. It would be nice to confirm my suspicions. However, the silence may also speak volumes as well...

bluh....done with this booyah
johnielvis. I'm not keeping quiet - I just haven't been able to do any work on developing recently. In the meantime, I'm spending what time I have on another aspect of my project . So I just do not have an answer. With regards the E6 bleach idea, I'm reluctant to go out and buy a whole E6 kit for this one test.

You're theory on the length of time of the 2nd dev is interesting - have you confirmed it?