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I was going to add that one of the drawbacks of the Shen Hao is the need for a recessed board with wide-angle lenses. A 90mm with a recessed board is probably about the shortest it will take. I like my Super Angulon, but it sounds like this will be less of an issue for you.
Really? Even with the bag bellows??

I'm looking to replace my aged and ailing Technika III some time this year and have also been looking at the Tachihara, Shen and Chamonix. One thing I don't like about the Chamonix is that the bellows is not IR safe, and I have several boxes of Efke IR820 unopened in the freezer that I will definitely want to use.

I also have a 90mm Angulon which will go on my new Wanderlust Travelwide and be replaced with something with a bit more coverage for the "big" camera - I like 90mm on 4x5, and would like something shorter for use with a RF back, so the fact the Shen and Chamonix take a bag bellows is an advantage over the Tachihara.