I recently ran into this exact problem. I made a contact proof and was very pleased with everything about it. It was "love at first sight." And that is a look that is difficult to get out of your mind's eye once it has set in.

Then when I went to print, the enlargement fell short of my expectations based on what I saw in the proof.

I discussed this at LFF and ROL saw one weakness in my Red Cones shot, soft background - likely because I used a relatively wide aperture f/8, focused closer than appropriate for infinity. This was not evident on the contact print. But it stands out as a defect on an enlargement. You might see this as a reason to recommend shooting 8x10 and making contact prints.

I take it as a reason to "never" make contact prints, or small prints (unless that is the intended finished size). Then I won't be disappointed (because of these differences) by the enlargements.

In a practical sense, I do that. I make most of my prints at 11x14 and if they don't look good they get filed away.

If they do look good, I am done.

I like that part of the plan.