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It happens - things like that are like a right-of-passage.

You know those old westerns where the revolvers don't run out of bullets?
I recently took quite a few pictures (via three 120 backs) with the auto-exposure lock accidentally off; I'd not set it, but it had been bumped when pulled from the bag. It was in low light, so I couldn't see the counter, and it never seemed to get to the end of the roll.

Fortunately I realized the issue before unloading, so I can take the other 9 shots on each roll. Lost a lot of good pictures, though.
O my this reminds me the shots of Rancid I took with the Minox. Magically took several shots after the film ran out of my niece (who was there at the concert with her boyfriend).

They broke up so at least I don't have to retouch him out of the pictures.