Thanks everyone for your answers, they have been very informative and I definintely feel that I've got a little more to "stand on" when it's time for my next printing session.

There were some questions asked that I feel I should answer. I am indeed using paper from the same box, and I use the same filtration for both the contact sheet and the actual print, and I process in the exact same way.

Someone mentioned that an unfiltered light from a dichro head does not equal to using a grade 2 contrast filter. I read the "Controlling Contrast" PDF on which claimed that a grade 2 filter should correspond to a 0 filtration setting on my (130M max) Durst Enlarger. I must admit to being a bit confused though, as the PDF had two tables, one for single colour filter settings, and one for double, and I'm not quite sure what the difference is, is this for different types of dichro heads?

The day after I wrote this post I went back into the darkroom and made a (roughly) 5"x7" print from the same negative. To me it looked a bit better, I think the very apparent grain might have had an effect on my perception of the 9"x12" print, but I also think a higher contrast grade would yield even more improved results.

I've also cleaned my lens as suggested, with the help of a rocket blower and an Ilford cloth, it was fairly dusty and looked like it had a fingerprint on the front element. I'm going to the Stockholm Photographic Museum tonight to look at a exhibition on Helmut Newton, so I won't be able print, but hopefully I should have time for a printing session during the weekend, during which I'll try out of some of the remedies suggested.

Thanks once again for your help, much appreciated!