I believe the CLE is based in large part on the metering and shutter circuits that Minolta were using in Minolta SLRs of that era. As these SLRs are now relatively cheap, you may find that having one on hand to offer to the repairman as a parts camera will help.

Good luck -- I've got a CLE too, and use it frequently. Just FYI, I found it frustrating to switch from AE to manual, which I occasionally want to do because the CLE has no exposure lock. On a standard CLE, you have to push down a small button to move off of AE and into the manual shutter speeds; having to push that little button means taking the camera away from your eye and maybe losing the shot. So when in for a CLA, I had the little button disabled, so now I can rotate the dial easily from AE to manual. So if I meter a scene or part of a scene and know that I want to hold the exposure at, say, 1/60th, I can just spin the dial around quickly to 1/60, recompose and take the shot. Of course you have to remember to go back to AE afterwards, if you wish. The one downside to this modification is that it makes setting the ISO on the dial a little fiddly, but otherwise I like the flexibility. You may wish to consider this mod if you're sending your camera off for a CLA.