Instead of replacing 4x5 cameras with different brands, I accumulate them. After half a century of that, side by side comparisons are convenient. For minimum weight, an Imba Ikeda (or Tachihara or other similar cameras) is the lightest and the prettiest. It handles lenses from 65 to 250mm on Linhof style flat boards. Its light weight is insignificant in a 14 pound kit with DS film holders, four lenses, and other accessories in a hard case with a tripod head mounted on it for low camera positions. For convenience a press camera is often the handiest, with Speed Graphic being the standard. The MPP or Linhof technical cameras are more versatile than the SG, and usually more expensive. Even late B&J press cameras have a few advantages. For decades an inexpensive B&J flatbed sufficed. It is bulky and heavy; more noticeable now than when bought 40 years ago. With press and field cameras available, I rarely use monorails outdoors. An important consideration for anyone contemplating several brands is interchangeability of lens boards. The move to proprietary boards from the once ubiquitous 4" boards is unfortunate. Mounting all lenses on Linhof boards and adapting other cameras to this size may be the most practical.