FYI: we're reconfiguring the Cyano formula at BS with better DMAX and blues, so hopefully we can get that out this summer. There's been arguments if people would be interested, but I think it's great fun. I highly recommend playing with cyanos, but be forewarned on two things:

First, cyanos are very contrasty, so your negs won't perform very well if they were developed for silver. PT/PD on the other hand, has a much more linear curve to it.

Second, it's addicting!

Both are easy to do in terms of mixing/coating/exposure, but getting it 'right' takes practice. Unfortunately, PD/PT prices aren't coming down.

There's also another process called the Athenatype that might be available soon as well, which uses silver instead, but has a very similar look to PT/PD at a huge cost savings. Hopefully I can get a write up on that as well (summer is difficult! Too much to do!)