Typical WIKI. Incomplete, some assertions possibly (probably?) false.

Re incomplete, I've had a small pile of radioactive lenses that showed radiation damage (yellowing) that I cleared by setting them lenses to bask under a UV-B bulb. None mentioned in the WIKI. Three TTH tessar type process lenses, One Schneider Repro-Claron.

Re possibly false, I have two 101/4.5 Ektars, one made in 1946. I haven't treated them with UV-B for radiation damage 'cos they show none. I wonder about (a) "Lenses Tested Radioactive (by the author)" and (b) Camerapedia's adherence to Wikipedia's rules. It could be that despite its name Camerapedia doesn't fall under the Wikipedia umbrella.

Re Wikipedia's rules, as I understand 'em Wikipedia allows nothing that hasn't been posted on the 'web. "I measured it" isn't allowed, neither is citing anything published on paper and not available on the 'web. Stupid, IMO.

Re Camerapedia in general, I'm somewhat of a specialist on a few topics -- I'm coauthor of the definitive, so far, account of Boyer lenses -- and was so offended by the garbled hash about Boyer lenses an illiterate fool put up on Camerapedia that I signed up and rewrote the mess. IMO Camerapedia is pretty worthless, mainly gets in the way. WIKI of the idiots, by the idiots, for the idiots.