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I am looking for any european online apx 100 seller , will charge me less than 7 Euro for shipping charges.

1000 kilograms 1 m3 Cargo comes from shangai to İstanbul for 15 dollars within container.
You cannot compare surface mail to air mail. There is no way anyone is going to charge you 7 Euros to ship a kilo between Europe and Asia Minor.

The problem you run into is customs. You usually have to pay a hefty sum for your stuff to sail through customs without any hiccups. You also have to consider tracking and reliability. Sometimes there are cheaper options through a government post office but companies have been burned enough times they just use a more expensive courier.

Trust me I feel you pain. I purchased a Zonemaster II just after the prices started shooting up everywhere. I bundled in some photopaper with my order just to help justify they ridiculous shipping charges. Honestly though if you are evading the VAT taxes you can't also demand 7 Euro shipping. I would like to know who has the best shipping and I think this is an excellent thread but 7 Euros is unrealistic in my experience. I live in the US.

For me even with the $40 shipping Fotoimpex quoted me it is still cheaper to order from them than source certain films and developers locally. Anyway all this really makes me wonder how people can say analog is cheaper than digital. Some analog is but certainly not all of it.