Thanks to all who submitted to the most recent MSA.

I won’t comment on all of the submissions, but the following struck a chord with me:

bertus - Photo Festival Naarden 2013 – As mentioned in the comments, it’s like a little puzzle to solve. I’m often drawn to the magnificence of places of worship.

TheFlyingCamera – bikeshareinfinity – I really like the grain and the way the lines lead to the somewhat ghostly figure in the background.

polyglot – Major Tom – I find IR to be very otherworldly, and this is no different, particularly with the subject matter. I’m left to wonder what the big one is listening to, great composition.

TheFlyingCamera – Motorcycles x2 – Yummy gleaming chrome. ‘Nuff said.

barbara ann – Pinwheel – Interest derived from the simplest of a child’s toys. It invokes thoughts of a cooling breeze on a sweltering summer afternoon.

mike c - Circles at RR Crossing – I like the simplicity and the repetition. This was very much what I had in mind when I picked Round and Round: stopping to consider everyday objects that otherwise go unseen.

The winner: TheFlyingCamera – bikeshareinfinity. In this world of often “flawless” photography, I think Scott’s submission is perfectly imperfect. It’s murky and fuzzy and the chunky grain is delicious. I love the repeating theme and shapes (I shot something similar a couple of years ago, but this is so much better). I think the person in the distance anchors the whole scene. This just really speaks to me on multiple levels.


Again, thanks to everyone who decided to play along.