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I will live in China at the future.
Try the restaurants before you say that. I've had some of the worst meals of my life in China (contrasting with some very, very good ones in Istanbul). :-)

As others have said, you can't really compare bulk shipping costs to individual packages; sending 1000 kg does not cost 1000 times more than sending 1 kg.

Do you know anyone who travels regularly to the EU, who could perhaps act as a courier? When I was travelling a lot, we used to do this sort of thing for one another---the guy in Sweden can get something more cheaply in the US, so he orders it to my address and I bring it to the next meeting. Failing that, you may just need to make one big order rather than many little ones, and accept the pain of shipping charges just once. It's the price you pay for the Sultanahmet skyline!