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So I have a late model, rubber focus ring 50mm F2 non-Ai lens that I'm considering getting AI'd to use on another camera at $35 + shipping. I've tested and like this lens as it has very good even resolution from F2.8 to F8 and is small and light. If I were to GAS Up, I'd be looking at a minimum of at least $115 for a F1.8 AI or more for a AIS at one of our favorite camera sellers. I don't need the world here, just a good lens which can sometimes be hard to find and may require going thru a few examples; And time, and shipping etc. So, if anyone had their lens AI'd maybe you can chime in with your thoughts. Money's moneys and it can always be used elsewhere, but.., a better lens is a better lens.
If that's a late muticoated version of the 50mm Nikkor-H, and I think it is, I'd say go for it. Those are wonderful lenses - I have two of the earlier ones.

It's a simple operation, just mill a notch at the right spot on the aperture ring. I've done it with files.