Nathan, I want to keep my business simple , I want to buy two APX for 5 euros and want to pay a reasonable price for shipment. Is it wanting too much ? This is new porn Show to buy something for 5 dollars and pay 60 dollars for shipment.

I bought Elvin Jones drumsticks for 8 dollars and they charged 60 dollars to my card. I called them but they shipped them at 3AM Ohio time.
They paid another 90 dollars to send back the sticks and 8 dollars costed them 150. I enjoyed too much

Darko , I cant pay 40 for film wharever size. And I want to buy from a shop not a person. I only used ebay one time to buy indian bass sitar, surbahar strings. They come for 10 dollars from Pradesh including shipment .

I will have a look to Ghostman's link