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No, Ghostman , they charge 20 for eu and more for us.

I sent a film to Oxford with registered , barcoded , airmail , online follow from Istanbul cost me 3 dollars. Same to US also a little bit more. And I've read enough of these photo mail order site websites that I know they have had problems with certain postal carriers and now often use special couriers that deliver packages and get recipients to sign for them so they are not stuck sending packages twice.

By the way , there is no custom cost for under 100 dollars value.
You might be able to get that kind of deal in Istanbul but I assure you you won't be able to get that kind of price for reliable tracked air mail from the US to Istanbul.

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Nathan, I want to keep my business simple , I want to buy two APX for 5 euros and want to pay a reasonable price for shipment.
Uuhhh... Where did you get the idea that there are profitable businesses selling APX film in this fashion?! If Macodirect is demanding at least a $39.50 order I would be shocked if people where profitably filling out customs forms for a couple of rolls of film.

Minimum order
Your order must not be less than 39.50 €.
Seriously though if you find a place selling all that wonderful European film for 7 euros shipping let us know. I want in on that deal. It costs $3 minimum just to send a letter from the US to Turkey.