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p-amino phenol hydrochloride, which is the main developing agent in rodinal, tends to have this brown color in the final image. There are several important factors when it comes to final image color. Even a new agent from another factory can cause color-tone shift. Other things as simple as the water you use +++, etc.. The best neutral result "with the developers used": I would stick to a developer [1st & 2nd] with a high concentrate of HQ and sulfite. Most films will have a good 'neutral' with such a developer.


Thanks for this explanation. I didn't notice it before.

The reason I was interested in R09 as a developer was that it appeared to be even more active than the Dokumol that I had been using. With it, I could reduce the amount of hypo needed to get similar results to the Dokumol with 4x the hypo . So, with R09, I felt was getting a bit closer to the 'dream' of a silver-solvent free 1st dev. And that is something I believe that you have achieved at dr5 - even though no one knows how.

And so, to answer your second post I, for one, would be interested in a dr5 home kit.