Hi folks...anyone who cares about KMVs knows that mine sold on here last week. Richard Ritter was in the middle of making a KMV-to-Arca lens board adapter for me when I had to sell the camera. The buyer of my camera had dibs on the adapter but he has declined, so it is now for sale.

The adapter is still located in Richard's shop in Vermont, and Richard has kindly offered to drop-ship it directly to the buyer. So, if you are in the US, it will be shipped within the country.

The adapter is built on one of Michael Smith's excellent machined aluminum replacement boards, which I had Michael send to Richard directly just a few weeks ago. These adapters usually take weeks if not months to have made - this one is ready to go now and you can have it within a few days of paying for it.

The cost, including all shipping and pp fees is $300.

I also have an original Horseman branded Horseman/Arca to Linhof Technika adapter which I am including and which I will mail to you from Toronto. This way you can use lenses on either board by double stacking the adapters. That was the plan...alas now I am KMV-less and I hope someone else will take the opportunity to use this adapter on their camera. This adapter is a Horseman model which is the same dimensions as the Arca boards. It is in great shape and only has a few wear marks where you insert the board into the holder flange at the bottom. It is designed to take boards with off-center holes (the hole that mates with the lip on the back of the Linhof boards is slightly higher than center, which will mean your lenses will be properly centered when mounted on an Arca/Horseman camera or adapter). This adapter is $75, including shipping and pp fees.

Photos to follow. Thanks!