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I think you have no idea how a business being conduct. Your business idea is to separate a fool from his Money. Discusting , putting you to ignore list.
I don't own a film retailer. I pay the fees just like everyone else. Just because I don't enjoy reality doesn't mean I can simply deny its existence.

A 3 oz document would cost you $3.00 to send from the US to Istanbul. You can look this up on the USPS website. I am not aware of anyone cheaper. I know sometimes things like airplane tickets are cheaper to buy from certain countries so even if you are flying on the same plane people can pay two different prices simply because of their geographic locations. Maybe the same is true for postal services. Your problem is you need someone outside of Turkey to send you something. Unfortunately they can't get the same deals residents of Turkey get.

Like I said though I would love to get film for 7 euros shipping. Even if we don't hit that 7 Euro target I hope someone can post some alternatives to the $40 I was quoted.