I have two functioning Burke and James Orbit cameras with red bellows that I'd like to sell. These are identical in function to the older 4x5 Kodak Master View and later Calumet C-400 series cameras as the dies were passed from Kodak down the line. They are all workhorse cameras that have seen duty in many commercial studios and college photography programs.

Orbit #1 - $40 net

This camera was originally purchased to obtain a few intact red knobs for a second, camera in better overall shape. (See Orbit #2 later in the ad). As a result, this camera has 3 knobs that are missing at least one spoke. All functions remain operational and the bellows is intact without tears or pinholes. The camera lacks a standard lensboard and needs to be cleaned up. There is some corrosion to the metal hardware and paint has chipped off in a few small areas. As with all these similar camera models, there is a lockable, integrated revolving back with bail for easy insertion of standard 4x5 film holders.

Orbit #2 - $150 net

Orbit #2 was originally purchased bundled with a lens and some other items I wanted for another camera. (Those items and lens pictured above are not included in this sale.) The camera came with a couple broken knobs that were replaced with parts from the previously described Orbit 4x5. (The replacement knobs are slightly smaller - a fact that probably wouldn't be noticed unless pointed out or handled during their replacement.) This camera exhibits minor wear and paint chipping and there is also some pitting on the shiny chrome hardware. It has a nice bellows and even has an intact red bubble level on the rear box. Ditto on the revolving bail back. It has a lensboard that has been painted red and drilled for a #1 shutter.

Or, buy both Orbit cameras for $170 net.

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