Hello all, this is my first activity of any kin on this website, i do need much help with many different topics and i heard this was a good resource, so my name is jensen and i have been shooting film for about a year almost, i took a photo film class this year at my highschool and that is how i was introduced, also, id like to help others with the info i do gain. I have recently purchased some delta 3200 expired in 2008, now ive heard 5 years is ancient for high speed films, and to make matters worse this film was not cold stored. I shot a roll at E.I. 1600 and developed in microphen stock at 75 F for 8 and a half minutes, and used agitated 10 sec per min. The film has crazy base fog, how could i compensate for this correctly? Has anybody had very good experience with delta 3200 in microphen with the times i described? Thank you.