...versus the Kodak Master 8x10.

I currently use and love the KMV 810; while not perfect, it is almost perfect, at least for me.

Relatively light, lots of movements, ample extension, and very sturdy.

And it's easy to fix; I bought one in rough shape, but have since worked it into a much more precise (and prettier) camera.

Drawbacks include age (in relation to condition, not age per se), unavailability/high price of lens boards, few precision movements.

Three of my past 4x5s have been Toyos, and I have a healthy admiration for the G-series; they are very well-built, if somewhat, um, corpulent.

Can anyone fill me in as to the quirks, pros and cons of working with a Toyo 810M?

I'll be considering a switch later on, but I'd like to be a little better informed as to the trade-offs.

I shoot portraits and architecture.

Thanks in advance.