"THE" quintessential 3-lens Minolta MC/MD line-up is a bit subjective to be honest... If you want to spend all yer pennies, well for:

wide angle;
MD W Rokkor-X 24mm f2.8 or
MC VFC 24mm f2.8 or
MD W Rokkor-X 28mm f2.0 or
Shift CA Rokkor 35mm f2.8
MD W Rokkor-X 35mm f1.8 or
MD W Rokkor-X 35mm f2.8

MC Rokkor-X 85mm f1.7 or
VARISOFT 85mm f2.8 or
MD Rokkor-X 85mm f1.7 or
MD Rokkor 135mm f2.0 or
MC Rokkor-X 100mm f2.0

Among these you will find, i think, general agreement these represent the finest in the Minolta SR lens mount line-up for your requested applications.