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It is the cable that goes from the MA-4 AC/DC converter to the DS-12/DS-1/etc.. aperture control ring (it replaces the battery).
This site is talking about MC cables, not DM. Maybe one of these will fit also?


Remote and Connection Cords: SC Remote Cords-available in 10, 33, or 66-foot lengths; accommodate removable control head of MD-2 motor for remote operation. SC Remote Cord MC-1 (1) Connects the motor drive to the grip head when the latter is removed for remote control. Length: 3m (10 feet).
Connecting Straight Cord MC-2 (2) Nikon 3-pin motor terminal to AC/DC converter MA-2 or MA-4. Length: 3m (10 feet)Coiled Cord for Pistol Grip
MC-3 (3) connects Nikon 3-pin motor terminal to the trigger of the pistol grip II. Remote Cord
MC-4 (4) converts Nikon 3-pin motor terminal to male "Banana Plug" fitting for remote triggering in a timer or radio control unit. Connecting Cord MC-7: Extension cord for connecting MB-1 or MB-2 battery pock to F2 motors. Used to allow photographer to hold the pack separately to lighten the setup or protect batteries from cold.