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Thanks for the link, interesting series of portraits and street scenes. It is really impressive to think that any photographer could achieve this, meaning making 32 such high quality pictures on ONE SINGLE roll of 35mm film !! How much planning and effort would it take ?? Hope that this is the case though and he didn't cheat (by shooting 20 rolls instead of one, for example, which would sound much, much more possible to my humble ears). After all, it was THE LAST roll of Kodachrome, wasn't it ?

Unfortunately, I see that the Indian and North-American people photographed do not display their mouth cavities, therefore we cannot inspect their dental condition and so judge them regarding the degree of the civilization we have to rank them to. I am sorry not to be able to comment on whether they brush their teeth or if they're assholes or not.
It was the last roll produced but far from the last roll processed... However 4 of my rolls were some of the last processes hehe, I got special permission (with one other photographer) to shoot after the deadline

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