I am considering purchasing a Horizon Perfekt from Lomography.

First, I am very much into sharp and well defined photographs. So that will be one of my BIG concern. I am also NOT into light leak and random effects that Lomo is known for. It *seems* Horizon line is better made with glass lens but I'm going by random reviews.

I would like to get user opinions, please. Please tell me if you actually own this camera and use it yourself, or if you are repeating something you saw elsewhere. Both are welcome and appreciated but I'd like to know which is which.

My expectation of sharpness is, able to print on 11x14 paper full frame (obviously, the image will not fill the paper vertically) and not see softening. I don't expect top end Nikon sharp or Zeiss sharp but I would like to see decent results.

I will be shooting B&W mainly and print myself in my darkroom.

If you have any other ideas about any other cameras in panoramic shoots, I'd like to hear that too.

Thanks very mucho!