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Even my modeling lamps don't do a real good job of imitating the flash output so everything is a compromise.
I've noticed that I use the modeling lamps less and less. I think their effectiveness is liminted by the different response of the human eye to light levels, contrasts, and color balance - and the "automatic correction" of human perception.

We have wonderful built-in correction systems - for example, under *low* temperature lighting - as from a candle or fireplace - colors still appear to be "right". While we can determine something about the shadow patterns, and densities from "eyeballing" under the modeling lamps - a Polaroid will be far more accurate ... although FAR from perfect. The final "test" is in the finished print/ transparency. From there we should, can, and WILL "process" the information internally and learn. Eventually, everyone will more efficiently "calibrate her/his perceptual process and establish links btween the modeling lamp images, the Polariods", the finished works, and the way it looks to the eye.

Stillman Clarke was right - "To improve in photography, shoot and shoot, and shoot some more. It *will* come. It will."