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So, are you suggesting that he used an SLR and bulb flash ? Seriously ? And it had a bellows ??
weston used a graflex slr ( i think 3x4 ? ) which had a small bellows
usually the flash attached to the side ( at least with super d's i see images
with side mounted flashes ..
like the graflites on the speed graphic ... same orientation .. )
but my guess is he held the flash over the lens plane ..

but who knows, i certainly have no idea what he did or how he did it, its just a guess

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You guys crack me up with the "oh there are no good papers available now which are capable of what they had back in the day" stuff.

hey clayne .. not saying there aren't papers available today that can't do that sort of stuff, im saying that some of the papers were "different"
and rendered differently. the portrait lady i worked for used to tell me that some papers had a tooth to them ...
so if areas were too dark you could abrade them with fine grit sand paper and even rub graphite into the emulsion ...
i've tried to do that with every paper i have had since 1988, and it didn't really work ...
not better, but different ...