Hello everyone,

I just finally managed to realize a long lasting dream of getting an SLR camera and an Analog one at the same time. Man I prefer analog to digital. It was more fun, even as a kid, compared to nowadays' digital spread that is offered by this technology. Even though it does have advantages and I wouldn't want to start a big discussion ^^.

Anyway, my name is Ben, I am currently doing an Internship in Bangalore where I acquired a Nikon FM10 in great condition for 65 euros (dunno if it's a bargain or not, maybe other users will know).

I finally found some film in a bazaar-like store, and bought 5 rolls. I was wondering if there was other photographers from Bangalore or that know the city to meet or get advice on where to get film and get it developed at an interesting price. I am especially looking for Black and White film but it seems unfindable as the store keeper said as well as the previous owner of the camera.

All the best !