Hi all,

I found in a closing shop this lens:

Schneuder-Kreuznach Symmar 1:5,6/240 1:12/420 installed on a Sinar lens board.

The lens has no shutter, only a diaphragm with two scales on it, from 5,6 to 45 and from 12 to 45.

I would like to use it, but i need to install it on a shutter!

the thread of the two elements is 45.7 millimeters, both sides.

I cannot find any correspondance, it is not a Copal 1 nor a Copal 3...

Does anybody know what shutter i shall look for, and where to find it?

Any advice?

PaoloSchneider lens 2.jpgSchneider lens.jpgSchneider lens 3.jpg