I don't know, Alan - I'm more or less with Puts on the required resolution in prints (speaking strictly in lines/mm), which is essentially consistent with Perrin and others (ie 10-20 l/mm). But not so sure about his comments on developers. To be fair, the article doesn't go into the details of what sharpness and acutance are, but I find the recommendations a little simplistic. Suppose one dilutes XTOL to 1+1 (as recommended by Kodak) or 1+3. In terms of acutance I question how one can do materially better in the sharpness department with specialist developers when it comes to general purpose films. It seems to me based on most of the data I've seen what you might get with dilute Rodinal or Neofin are more pronounced edge effects, but with a proportionately large penalty in graininess. So when Puts says "...expand in one direction or the other (granularity or definition)", I'd argue based on the data the potential for going in the definition direction vs XTOL (or diluted XTOL to be more precise) is quite limited. Particularly when one then combines image structure characteristics with tone reproduction, "good average results" is quite the understatement regarding XTOL or D-76.

Interesting discussion, folks. Appreciate the feedback.