[quote="roy"][quote="Jorge Oliveira"] and Dixactol beeing a two baths......
Dixactol, or its 'tweaked' name, is, to my knowledge, single bath

Jorge, I must apologise to you as you are correct. This can be used as a two bath dev. but it is said that users have reported the best results as a single bath, with or without the re-soak. I have used this dev. in the past and have to say that I did not experience any problems with it.

Reading the reviews about this type of dev. it seems that with variable contrast papers there is a possible drop in contrast and it brings home more so, the dictum of 'horses for courses'- that is, using the right materials for the type of effect you want to achieve. I can see the benefit when making negatives for large format ultra-violet printing but do members feel there is a distinct advantage with pyro/cat. type developers over, say, two bath which can give good highlight control with small format ?