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I'm not sure if this helps, but I would leave it alone and shoot it on a camera that does not require the modification, like a plain prism F2. On which camera are you planning on using it? Do you have a hand held meter? My 50 1.4 non-ai is a dreamboat and I use it on my very old F2 - works insanely well and is such a nice lens. Sorry, blah blah blah.
I've got to say I'm a little over the older used stuff for now, especially in bodies. I also had to return a lens not long ago to a store and while the problem was reimbursed no problem, the quote "Ex" bargain I thought I was getting was not so Ex. Best to buy the best there is and figure old is old, so matter the appearance.

I shoot a FT2 Nikkormat that the lenses are used on. I also shoot a N80 with AF lenses. My 35mm F2.5 ai shoots on that AF body with hand metering (big whoopee do) but the 50 does not. I just need a 50 lens for it and I'm basically set. My 50 blows the hell out of the F1.8 AFD btw. There may good ones and bad ones but my new one was dog dirt.