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You'll want to make your actual readings with the safelight off.
Thanks David
I have used a analyzer for color since the 80's. I have my setup to turn off the safelights whenever I turn the enlarger on. Color printing is good. I am concentrating on B+W now and it just sits there in the way not being used and I would like to use it for contrast analyzing and try to get close on exposure. I am trying to set it up for this and when I use variable contrast paper, I would like to think I can dial in my yellow and megenta filters to print the contrast I like to see. I had someone send me instructions last year for a different analyzer but it was for digital readout and since mine is analog, I can't mentally think what I am reading. (read that as getting old)
Their instructions said to set it up with the Cyan mode but that is a little confusing to me. I know cyan is the opposite of yellow and magenta. I think I am stating that right.
Anyway, I hope you can find the instructions. All I would need is a copy of the B+W setup. I don't know why this model has scarce info on it.

I hope I have explained my goal. If not, it will go into storage.