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I told him I will pay him back what he spent to buy it. I'll get the money back from Crime Victim's Restitution if I can. It was only $20.00.
The guy is buying Rolleiflexes for $20?! I've heard of all kinds of flea market deals but I've never heard of anyone purchasing a well maintained fully functional Rolleiflex for $20. This was considered legit? Obviously I need to get out more.

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I get asked all these questions like, "Was it locked?" "Where was it parked?" "Why was your camera in the car?" It's like people are saying I'm not allowed to be upset because its my fault. Well that's BS, I say! I shouldn't have to live in a locked down fortress be cause of some thieving dirtbag!
I don't think any sane person is saying that. I think first of all the cops need to ascertain the exact circumstances of the disappearance in order to find the guy and figure out charges. They also want to eliminate insurance fraud. Other people probably just want to gauge how bad the neighborhood is. For me someone breaking into a locked car, disabling the alarm and having a rummage around the trunk is different than someone opening an unlocked door and plucking a GPS unit off the dash from a car parked on the street overnight.

Depending on your source 40% of residential burglaries involve the thief simply strolling into the house through an unlocked door or window.

Police say more than 40 percent of the burglaries reported in 2012 involved homes with unlocked doors and windows.

I think saying you don't want to "live in a locked down fortress" and then keeping a loaded assault style rifle under your bed might be confusing to a lot of people. I don't want to get all political but securing your property with appropriate locks will do more to prevent a repeat of this type of thing than an assault style rifle. And that strategy would be cheaper and safer.

I live in a high crime area at the moment. A couple of people got shot two blocks away from where I live. I have never had a problem or a gun. I live in a secure building and always lock my front door and car door. I never leave ANYTHING in plane sight in my car. Someone would have to go on a fishing expedition breaking into cars if they wanted to discover whether my trunk was empty or not. I just make my home and car as unappealing a target as possible. The thieves move on to the unlocked doors and cars with goodies in plain sight.

I am not perfect though. I have a false sense of security. I still haven't written down all my serial numbers and photographed my equipment. Your story brought up a great discussion and I need to get that stuff taken care of ASAP. We can all learn from this and help each other out. I am glad you at least had a partially good result. I am disheartened at how ineffectual the police are though. You would hope once you did all the preliminary work and told them where they could find some of your stuff they would be over there the same day sweating information out of people. I understand they have a tough job to do but this case was gift wrapped for them.